From labor camps to renowned eye surgeon, doctor shares his faith-fueled journey in new ‘Sight’ film

Dr. Ming Wang's story of perseverance and faith — and how he took on the seemingly impossible challenge of helping a blind orphan while grappling with his own traumatic past — is told in the Angel Studios film "Sight." #MingWang #Sight #Sightfilm #AngelStudios

Louisiana bill seeks to require 10 Commandments displays in public schools

Louisiana lawmakers are getting close to passing a bill that would require public schools to display the Ten Commandments on school property, despite concerns over the religious nature of the document. #Louisiana #publicschools #TenCommandments #Decalogue...

Supreme Court won’t hear parents’ challenge to school district hiding gender transitions

The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to hear a complaint filed on behalf of parents who oppose a policy at Maryland's largest school district allowing staff to hide if their children are identifying as the opposite sex at school. #Maryland #MontgomeryCounty #school...

Michael Brown talks ‘fresh wave’ of Holy Spirit, mainstream ‘pushback’ against LGBT agenda

Prolific author and radio host Michael Brown believes that a “fresh wave of the Holy Spirit” is coming to the United States, with the American Church needing to harness it for positive social change. #MichaelBrown #TurntheTide #LGBT #revival #Asbury #RoevWade...

Diocese can’t be forced to change baptism records for trans-identified individuals: court

A Mexican appeals court has ruled that a Catholic diocese doesn't have to change the name and sex registered on the baptismal records of a trans-identified individual.  #Mexico #ADFInternational #genderidentity #CatholicChurch #Catholicism #transgender...

Death by hanging: Man facing execution for ‘blasphemous’ WhatsApp posts

Yahaya-Sharif Aminu, who was sentenced to death in 2020 for sharing allegedly blasphemous song lyrics on WhatsApp that offended Islam, remains in prison in Nigeria as he awaits a Supreme Court appeal. United Nations experts have called for his immediate and...

Russian Orthodox Church providing military training to kids

The Russian Orthodox Church has started offering military training to youth as young as 12 at the Elisabeth Church in Opalikha, according to reports which reveal that training is being conducted by veterans of the Ukraine war. #RussianOrthodoxChurch #MilitaryTraining...

Episcopal university considering divestment from Israel in response to campus protests

A Tennessee university affiliated with The Episcopal Church has agreed to consider a process of divestment from Israel in response to on-campus student protests against the war in Gaza precipitated by the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks carried out by Hamas. #EpiscopalChurch...

Does atheism usher in utopia?

This hatred of God is not a recent phenomenon. #Atheism #utopia #secular #hatred #science #suffering #socialism #Marxism #misery #originalsin

Need motivation to workout? Find a partner

The motivation, intensity, and consistency of my workouts have all increased thanks to one thing: the people beside me. #Workout #exercising #gym #support #motivation #accountability #competition #anxiety

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