God has given me this Bible teaching to share with you.

Eric Cain who is a dear friend and brother of mine were talking about prayer one day at Chick Fil A and as we were talking he shared a great truth that he had God given to him about prayer and I will never forget it, he said and I quote ” God always promised to answer prayers but he never promised to answer the whys”.


How often do why ask God why when we don’t get what we want, or when something happens that we don’t understand? I know that I have asked God why many times, I have cried out to God and demanded that He tell me why!

I am sure that many people in the Bible asked they why question to even though the Bible does not record them verbally asking the why question.


(Please read the following bible references in context and in its entirety as I have taken them out of context to highlight a main point.)


In Genesis 50:20 (AMP) we read about Joseph, if you read his life story we will learn just how difficult and hard his life was and not because of anything that he did but because of what others did to him. Then we come to this verse “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present outcome, that many people would be kept alive [as they are this day]. How could Joseph say that after all that he went through?


Let us continue, in Genesis 32:25 (AMP) we read about Jacob who just wanted an answer but instead he wrestled with a heavenly man sent from God “When the Man saw that He had not prevailed against Jacob, He touched his hip joint; and Jacob’s hip was dislocated as he wrestled with Him.” Why did God make Jacob disabled when all that Jacob wanted was an answer?


Also in Genesis 19:26 (AMP) “But Lot’s wife, from behind him, [foolishly, longingly] looked [back toward Sodom in an act of disobedience], and she [a]became a pillar of salt.” All she did was look back and because her heart was still Sodom she turned to salt. Why did Lot have to suffer and grieved because of her?


Remember Moses and Aron? God used them mightily. But in Numbers 20:12 (AMP) “But the Lord said to Moses and Aaron, “Because you have not believed (trusted) Me, to treat Me as holy in the sight of the sons of Israel, you therefore shall not bring this assembly into the land which I have given them.” Why did they have to be punished by God just because Moses had an anger problem?


In Genesis 22:2 (AMP) we read about the The Offering of Isaac “Now after these things, God tested [the faith and commitment of] Abraham and said to him, “Abraham!” And he answered, “Here I am.” God said, “Take now your son, your only son [of [a]promise], whom you love, Isaac, and go to the region of Moriah, and offer him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains of which I shall tell you.” Imagen how Abraham felt, don’t you think that as a father he just may have been a little confused and thought to himself why? For what purpose? What is the meaning of this?


In Jonah 1:17 (AMP) we read “Now the Lord had prepared (appointed, destined) a great [a]fish to swallow Jonah. And Jonah was in the stomach of the fish [b]three days and three nights.” What do you thing Jonah was thinking before he decided to sacrifice his life? What do you thing he was asking while in the belly of the great fish? Could he asked why?


King David is called a man after God’s own heart and God told him to war against the enemy, David was not a perfect man but in 1 Chronicles 28:3 (AMP) it says “But God said to me, ‘You shall not build a house for My Name (Presence), because you are a man of war and have shed blood.” David must has asked in his heart why? I believe that he did.


Job is called a righteous man and walked and lived a God fearing life and yet in Job 1:19 (AMP) “and suddenly, a great wind came from across the desert, and struck the four corners of the house, and it fell on the young people and they died, and I alone have escaped to tell you.” Job did nothing wrong but did everything right. Job lost everything. Job asked why?


Paul who was tortured and made cripple by the Romans prayed to God three times for a something that was like a thorn to me removed and God said in  2 Corinthians 12:8 (AMP) “Concerning this I pleaded with the Lord three times that it might leave me;” God never removed the thorn or the problem that Paul prayed about. I think Paul asked why?


Jesus even while dying on the cross for the sins of all mankind asked why. In Matthew 27:46 (AMP) “about the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud [agonized] voice, “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” that is, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?” Why did Jesus who never sinned or did anything but love and help others, suffer and die on the cross?


Finally Almighty God, the Father of the Lord Jesus, gave us His only Son, knowing what would happen to Him. “For God so [greatly] loved and dearly prized the world, that He [even] gave His [One and] [a]only begotten Son, so that whoever believes and trusts in Him [as Savior] shall not perish, but have eternal life.” John 3:16 (AMP)


“God has promised to answer all of our prayers but God never promised to answer the whys” We may never understand why things happen and will be confused about how come God allowed it but let us hold tightly to this one of many promises God has given to us, “And we know [with great confidence] that God [who is deeply concerned about us] causes all things to work together [as a plan] for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His plan and purpose.” Romans 8:28 (AMP)